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Unisons - Une gamme de services qui répondent précisément au besoin des athlètes

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Our goal is to give high-quality programs while making life easier. We have streamlined services to answer your precise needs.



To find the right music concept.

The first step to a successful season is to set your musical canvas. We will help you find music that will inspire either vocal, instrumental, upbeat or dramatic.

CLICK HERE to browse our large variety of Spotify playlists.
Or order a custom research made by our designer Hugo Chouinard.


Harmonious and flowing transitions

Cutting music to fit within a time limit is not what we do. We pride ourselves in creating structure that carries choreography and generates emotion. Our years of experience and professional methods give you a final product of utmost quality.


Endless possibilities!

Figure Skating Music Composing is very trendy. This gives you that extra unique edge. Add choir voices, more instruments, bridges, complete sections, compose an introduction or a strong finale. Set yourself above the rest. Available to any skating level. Visit our composition section to learn more! CLICK HERE


Making it sound loud and proud

This is the icing on the cake! All our editing is calibrated keeping the unpredictable acoustics of a training facility in mind. Go to a competition knowing that your music will sound amazing so you can focus on what’s most important, your performance.


Learn more

with Hugo Chouinard

Our designer Hugo Chouinard shares his expertise on the importance of the music selection process and editing in relation to the choreography.


From Karl Hugo the composer and performer : This is a vibrant piano and cello duet. See Feeling Mathieu...
Gabriella & Guillaume Behind the Scenes
Beautiful example of how composing can enhance your figure skating program. Created in collaboration with our brilliant composer Karl Hugo...
Six screens, audio tracks everywhere and music that is constantly playing… Welcome to the world of Hugo Chouinard, the...
Shoma Uno Behind the Scenes
Karl Hugo performs his new composition “Your Last Kiss” specially created for Japanese figure skating champion Shoma Uno. This...
Hugo  shares his expertise on the importance of the music selection process and editing in relation to the choreography....
I Feel Lonely
Our composer Karl Hugo is passionate about Figure Skating. Loneliness affects everyone, whether you are single or not. To...
Pierre-Hugues “Hugo” Chouinard is the man behind the musical arrangements of many of the world’s top competitors. He also...
The Thank You Canada Tour
I’m very excited to be musically involved in this TTYCT journey. I rarely take pictures with the athletes, but...
Wang & Liu Behind the Scenes
Exclusive behind the scenes footage from Karl Hugo, our composer who arranged and performed the instrumental sections called Beyond...
Did you know?
Google search results may reveal a lot about your favorite music guy but they can’t possibly tell you everything....
All That Skate 2018
Exciting collaboration with David Wilson on the 2018 Gala soundtrack design. A fantastic journey that began in 2006 when...
How Adam Rippon chooses his music
Figure skating music, explained By Dion Lee During the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Adam Rippon skated to...
Triple Axel for What
Olympic Figure Skaters Spin to Songs With Lyrics for the First Time Over the past two decades, the popularity...
Olympic Artistic Swimming
Breathless! The silent and frozen calm of winter –Ice cracks like thunder under our feet In the distance, the...
Making Music
by Melanie Hoyt
YUNA KIM HAS PREVIOUSLY lent her voice to several popular songs in her South Korean homeland, but her first...
Maestro to Skating’s Elite
LINDA LIN speaks to Hugo Chouinard, the creative genius who designs music for a virtual who’s who of skaters...

Professional Design

If you are an athlete, a parent, a coach or a choreographer looking for a professionally edited program,
it will be a pleasure to share our expertise in order to bring your ideas to life.
Specialists in figure skating music editing, mixing and composing since 1993.

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