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Proud to be part of your Team

29 September 2018

The Thank You Canada Tour

I’m very excited to be musically involved in this TTYCT journey.

I rarely take pictures with the athletes, but this was a very special moment for me. I’ve designed musical programs for all these wonderful people through the years.

Kaetlyn Osmond, since she was Juvenile in 2004. Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir since 2008. Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford since 2010, and Eric, you probably don’t remember that I created your Novice solo FP back in 2006! Patrick Chan, our collaboration started in 2011 and Elvis Stojko… well, 3 weeks ago. But we were part of the same National Team back in the 90’s.

You have no idea how many memorable moments you allowed me to live… and how many program versions we have created! You’ve been my motivation to become better and better… year after year, pushing the limits of our beloved sport.

For all these reasons, I must say THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST and THANK YOU CANADA!

This Show is one of a kind and you don’t want to miss it. Passion, originality, incredible talent, great music…and crazy dance moves! The Thank You Canada Tour from October 5th.

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Photo by Danielle Earl
Written by Hugo Chouinard